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Andre Switala, Germany
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The following entries stem from an address book of the City of Breslau (Wroclaw), 1941:

surname, first name, occupation, postal district, street name and number / floor

Switala, Arthur, Büroangestellter, I, Ziegelgasse 5 II
Switala, Johann, Amtsmeister, XXIII, Neisser Strasse 79 I
Switala, Josef, Stellmacher, I, Vorwerkstr. 73
Switala, Marta, Witwe, X, Matthiasstr. 153 III
Switala, Max, Kaufmann, X, Schleiermacherstr. 5 IV
Switala, Werner, Reichsfunker, Breslau-Lissa, Keithstr. 69 I

You can also find the following surnames in the book, but have no detailed information on that:

Swital (5 mal / 5 times)
Switale (einmal / one entry)
No entries on the name Switalla

Please don't send me any emails asking for other surnames listed in this book since I don't have it.

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